"Boris doesn’t give a sh** about climate change" says ex-police chief superintendent Rob Cooper, who is a member of Extinction Rebellion. “We need to choose the next government very very carefully… more

A Campfire Firecast from #Extinction Rebellion in London on November 17th - a 22 minute film offering a Westminster Bridge view of #ExtinctionRebellion from 10.30 until mid afternoon.  It was a… more

On Saturday April 7th local residents returned their plastic packaging to Sainsburys. Full report


We've been through the darkness and we're coming out shining...
Today's #ExtinctionRebellion funeral for extinct species in my home town of Frome - amazing turnout with hundreds in the town… more

Teen activist Greta Thunberg spent the Easter weekend in the UK and joined Extinction Rebellion protesters in London. She also took part in a Guardian Live event and told audiences that the world… more

Pie joins the Extinction Rebellion protest that is helping save the planet whilst annoying commuters.

MAC MACARTNEY : UP-RISING Friday August 30th, 2019 at Campfire Convention's Campout 2019, Frome UK

Held on Three Pools permaculture farm on the Welsh borders near Abergavenny, this mini-festival is a model of what festivals of the future should be - held on the last weekend of October, the… more