At Campout 2019 in Frome, UK, Brett Hennig convened Campfire's first peoples' assembly and presented the idea of how citizens assemblies and the sortition selection process provide a model for an… more

The Campfire Circle Singers : Sa Ta Na Ma (Iteration #1)

Finding our collective voice. Conceptualised by Tobias Hug, remixed by Pete Lawrence with co-creative assistance from Paul Leonard… more

On Saturday April 7th local residents returned their plastic packaging to Sainsburys. Full report


Teen activist Greta Thunberg spent the Easter weekend in the UK and joined Extinction Rebellion protesters in London. She also took part in a Guardian Live event and told audiences that the world… more

JACQUELINE WALKER : TELLING TRUTH - THE HARDER IT IS, THE MORE IT IS NEEDED Thursday August 29th, 2019 at Campfire Convention's Campout 2019, Frome UK

Pie joins the Extinction Rebellion protest that is helping save the planet whilst annoying commuters.

Cat Hobbs interviews activist and author George Monbiot on the potential of the commons, the idea of public luxury and more.

Are we wholly responsible for our actions? We don’t choose our brains, our genetic inheritance, our circumstances, our milieu – so how much control do we really have over our lives? Philosopher… more